I reached 3000 followers! I really can’t believe all you wonderful people follow me! So to celebrate I thought it was about time for my first giveaway.

The books I’ve chosen are some of my favourites from this year so far so I hope you like them too! There will be two winners and the first winner will get a choice of any two books listed above, and the second winner will get a choice of one book listed above. 

Please make sure you read the rules below, thank you.


  1. Since this giveaway is for my followers, You must be following me.
  2. Reblogs and likes count as entries. Feel free to reblog as much as you like but be careful not to spam your followers. Also no giveaway blogs allowed.
  3. This giveaway ends October 25th
  4. This giveaway is international as I will be buying and sending the books on book depository. But please make sure your country is listed on the book depository website as one it delivers to.
  5. As stated above if you win you will have a choice of any of the books pictured above, but if the book is in a series you can choose another in the same series, for example Heir of Fire is pictured above but if you haven’t read Throne of Glass yet you can choose that one. Also if there is an author above you enjoy but you have already read the book pictured above you can choose another book by that author, for example if you have read Attachments by Rainbow Rowell and now want Fangirl that is fine too!
  6. If you do win I will send you a message so please make sure your ask box is open! You will have 48 hours to respond or else I’ll be picking a new winner. You must also be willing to give me your full address or I wont be able to send the books.

I think that’s all for rules, you can always send me an ask if you think i’ve forgotten anything or you have any questions. Thank you all again for following me! I love you all! :)



I’m just calling this my 50 followers giveaway but really I just feel like giving away some books because I know how much I love FREE BOOK/S! Dont look at the images above, its just to make the post look prettier! haha you can choose whatever you want! I love Ellen Hopkins, so I would always strongly recommend that you choose one of her books!

  1. The prize is as many books as you can buy with $15 AUD.
  2. I will be ordering through the Book Depository so this is INTERNATIONAL
  3. As this is a very warm thank you to those who made this possible, you must be following me. I will be checking! (I strongly hope you won’t unfollow afterwards. you may actually like my blog! I hope so!)
  4. You may enter by both liking and reblogging this post, and you may reblog as many times as you like. Just be considerate of your followers, and avoid spamming them.
  5. No giveaway blogs allowed!
  6. I will choose a winner with a random number generator from the notes.
  7. When a winner is chosen, they will have 48 hours to respond to me and start to actively work with me about which books they choose before I randomly choose another winner.
  8. Please make sure your ask box is open! Otherwise I will not be able to notify you if you won.
  9. You must be comfortable with giving me a shipping address. I won’t keep it or do anything else with it!!
  10. The giveaway ends at 12:00AM AEST on October 23th! you have a month!

If you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to ask


Funnily enough, they never physically auditioned any of us. They never checked to see if we can actually run, or if we don’t look like idiots running, so they got quite lucky, cos it could have been more like this…" - Kaya Scodelario.


Depression is so isolating bc you don’t want to be a bother to anyone so you start doing really passive aggressive things to try and reach out, which makes you feel even worse so you end up quietly weeping in the bathroom and when someone knocks on the door you immediately hide yr face and clear yr throat and say “oh yeah, I’m fine.”



Day 27 | Mythical Being - The Mock Turtle and the Gryphon | 27th June

I need this! to my alice collection! what edition is this?????

Alice Collection, I hear my ears ringing! A fellow fan!

Penguin Puffin Chalk edition :) It’s even lovelier in real life (may even have put me in a armistice with deckle edges)


Here’s some more pictures of Max in my mini library. He was stood in the doorway like ‘hi human I have not seen you for 5 minutes and I’m lonely, can I please sit with you?’. Then, before he went to sleep next to my chair, he sat there being adorable.